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10 good reasons for using Cimtrek
By March 02, 2017

A simple, quick and

Lotus Notes Migration

Lotus Notes Migration is a topic on every Notes users lips – should we?, can we? how we? are questions that every CIO, who has Notes, should be asking. 

CIMtrek have been Helping organizations answer the Lotus Notes Migration questions and in doing so have developed technology to help migrate from Lotus Notes to their platform of choice.

Why migrate? Simple really, the last thing you want to do in the current economic climate is to rip things up and start from scratch. The applications that you have developed in Lotus Notes represents a significant investment in intellectual assets. So the question now is: “how do you benefit from the cloud revolution without discarding what you have already built?”.

options matrix3
Options for migration include:

Notes to SharePoint migration

Notes to J2EE migration

Notes to .NET migration


Discovery and analysis options

Call or email us to take maximum advantage of our unique “multi-source / multi-target” approach combined. The CIMtrek approach  with a ‘can do’ mentality makes CIMtrek the ideal partner for companies looking to shut down their diversified Lotus Notes platform.