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10 reasons why Lotus Notes/domino users Migrate
By December 16, 2014

The imperatives for users

The place to be if you are moving from IBM’s Notes platform

Like thousands of Organizations around the world, yours uses IBM Lotus Notes / Domino technology to fulfil myriad business needs. From mission critical applications to those that were developed by end users to meet a specific business need at a given time. Now, like others, you are looking at ways of decommissioning those applications so that you can adopt more flexible technology platforms such as Google, MS SharePoint, ASP .NET and mobile solutions. You already know that one of the key impediments to moving to achieving the flexibility your business needs is being able to decommission the Domino applications without loss of data or functionality.

Help is at hand. CIMtrek has the technology and services to help make this happen quickly and cost effectively.

CIMtrek’s technology and services will:

  • through our DNA service, help you understand the magnitude and cost of the conversion journey.
  • Automatically converts the majority of your Notes/Domino applications to a wide range of platforms including SharePoint, ASP.NET, Google App engine and most open source Java platforms such as Tomcat.
  • Ensure your converted applications will mirror the way your existing applications work.
  • Open up Locked away documents and data will be moved to accessible environments such as SQLServer or MySQL. Documents can be moved to repository of choice including Office365, SharePoint, Google Drive etc.
  • Enable you to move to COTS environments by using the data migration technology.
  • Enable you to retain a way of accessing Notes based data for compliance purposes than we can help with that as well – we can convert your Notes applications into read only repositories that allow full access to what you’ve done in the past.
  • simply extract your data into whatever database you want.
  • Provide maximum platforms choice so that this can be deployed on premise, on Cloud or a hybrid environment.

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